Thank You
Thank you to all our volunteers for giving their time to make the club function.

Thank you to Duwayne Besaw for your generous donation to Fax Valley Trap Club.

Thank you to Mike Rees for your help in setting up Monday Night Winter League and for keeping our club clean.  Every week Mike cleans up after our Monday night league.  Please pass on your gratitude the next time you see him.
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Summer League - 5 Man Team Leagues

Starting on Monday, April 6th 2015 through Monday, August 10th, 2015 will be our 5 man team league date.  Leagues are 18 weeks and you will have until August 10th to shoot all your leagues.  All teams must have shot at least 8 weeks by June 22nd to be classified.  Any ties will shoot off on August 17th prior to our Club Champion Shoot/picnic on August 22nd.

All teams are encouraged to pay in advance.  Teams not paying in advance must select one member to collect shooting fees from the team members and bring it to the cashier's window at one time.

All summer league shooters must be a Fox Valley Trap Club member.

Membership fee: $25.00
What's Going on at the Club?

Winter league, the Blind Fox Shoot, and the 41 Hit and Run Chain Shoot has come to end this season with great success and a good time from all the shooters.

Fox Valley Trap Club has also been helping out the Oshkosh West Wild Cat Trap Shooting Team,  This spring they came out to our club for practices and we will host four of their conference meets.  We want to thank everyone who has volunteered their time in making this a success.

Fox Valley Trap Club has formed a committee to follow through with one of our goals and purchase a new and bigger pole building.  The committee will bring bids to the board and the board will make a decision and hopefully by this fall the new building will be up and functional.
New This Year - ATA Big 50 Program
Three 50 target programs (singles, doubles, and handicap) with no more than three 50 target events per day and no more than on of any one discipline may be registered during our Monday Night Summer League.   Therefore, you may use 50, 16 yard targets from summer league for the big 50 and if you choose, there will be 50 handicaps and 50 doubles offered per calendar dates on Monday nights.  More information will be posted in the club house or you can contact Bob Komarec at 920-266-6988.
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